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Academy Philosophy

Style of Play

Prime teams look to control the game by controlling the possession of the ball. We believe developing individuals technically and tactically through on-field and classroom sessions will give us the ability, as a team collectively, to control the possession and territory of games. All teams are possession based but also have an organized and unique pressing style off the ball. When we are in possession, we want to control every aspect of the game and when we are out of possession, we want to win the ball back and quickly!

Focusing on the individual is at the forefront of our approach, academy wide. Developing each player technically throughout the whole club will ensure we can fulfill our style of play as each player progresses through the Academy. Every session, regardless of age, will start with individually based technical exercises which will be linked with the session topic. We want all of our players to dominate their 1v1 battles all over the field.


Tactically we expect our players to understand the roles and responsibilities of every position on the field. Therefore, we encourage our younger aged players to rotate positions and develop their overall understanding of the game. All practices include tactical elements linked to the session topic and help develop players as a collective team through different match-type situations. To help all different types of learning styles, we also hold classroom sessions where we run through different tactical scenarios and analysis of different video footage.

We expect and encourage our players to be physically fit to ensure we can meet the demands of our style of play. Fitness is key, regardless of the style of play, and we go above and beyond for our players with additional help outside of our team sessions. Our coaches also teach age-specific skills for the physical side of soccer, such as shielding the ball when in possession.


The emotional and social factor of all our youth soccer players is important and we hold ourselves accountable to create an environment, club-wide, where our players feel confident in themselves and their teammates. Our players are encouraged to try new things and accept that mistakes are part of individual growth. At Prime, we pride ourselves in creating the ultimate experience by creating the ultimate environment where our players, psychologically, look forward to being at practices, games, and other club events.