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Florida Prime Soccer Academy

Prime Soccer Academy is about enhancing young athletes, through soccer. We believe in developing the person and the player to give each and every individual, regardless of what team he or she might be on, the very best coaching and opportunities to reach his or her full potential as a player on the field. Our passion extends beyond the field, and it is our mission to help our players become the best versions of themselves and to educate and improve the young athletes in all four pillars of the game:

  • Technical
  • Tactical
  • Physical
  • Psychological


To help achieve this, we will be covering some of the following aspects within the Academy:

    – Agility & Coordination work for the correct ages to achieve maximum impact. Intentional programming!

    – A possession-based style of play focused on ball mastery and developing every player within the team. This will include teaching players different parts of the game within our style of play but also the reason WHY we do something and the benefit/reasoning behind it.

    – Players will be wearing advanced technology data tracking devices while their moves are recorded on video. This will then be used for video analysis classroom sessions to once again, give all of our players the very best chance to reach their full potential. Our players will also receive nutritional and injury prevention/care advice and help from our partners: Aim Supplements, H2 Health and Southeast Orthopedics.

    – We do not believe in allowing our coaches to fall behind or grow stagnant in the ever-evolving methodologies and will offer frequent coaching development sessions. This will be on field but also in classroom as well, where we will have in depth education on the four different ways we all learn (visual, auditory, reading/writing, kinesthetic) and the importance of attempting to cover as many as possible so we do not leave any young player behind. This is essential as we strongly emphasize that if a player fails to improve, it’s on us as coaches, not the player.

    – A huge part of creating successful players is to ensure you are continually being creative as a coach and planning challenging, but fun sessions, which keep players engaged and ‘wanting’ to learn more. We will be strongly encouraging all of our coaches to create an unrivaled team spirit by planning team/family events, which will ultimately give us the best team togetherness and the perfect environment for player development.

    – Lastly, we will be holding seasonal parent open nights where we will also share our methodology, philosophy and all other important aspects of why we do things and the impact everyone has around the player’s development.