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Mission Statement

Prime Soccer Academy leads the way of the next generation of modern and advanced elite clubs. We are a development first Academy where we believe in focusing on the growth of the individual and motivating them, through our first-class resources and our elite coaching staff, to become the absolute best version of themselves.

Every player is a priority for us at Prime and an opportunity for our coaches to develop to the best of their ability. We trust that continual development of our staff will reflect positively on our players on and off the field. At Prime, not only do we see our young athletes as soccer players but also as the future and believe in being positive role models to help guide our players as people towards success and reaching their full potential.

We are committed to providing a full player pathway for our players and giving them the best environment to excel and enjoy unrivaled experiences. Building an environment for our players to be pushed out of their comfort zones but at the same time feel confident and secure enough to want to attempt new skills is critical for our young players growth.

We strive to create the ultimate Academy experience for all players at all ages. Together, we are more!