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The positive impacts we have seen in our children since joining Florida Prime go way beyond the soccer field. With coaches having such a dramatic impact on a child’s physical and psychological development, it was critical that we find a club that recognizes this and puts true leaders in leadership positions. We could not be happier with our decision to join Prime. Our children have found a renewed love of the game. Kids are the future, and the future is Prime.
Erin & Trey Knight
We cannot say enough about how much Prime Soccer Academy means to our family! Our son was ready to quit a sport he had been playing since he was 4 years old and thankfully we found Prime! Prime has a completely different philosophy and approach to teaching the game of soccer. The emphasis is on developing each player as a whole, mentally, emotionally and physically so that they can work cohesively as a team. We were so impressed with how much our son improved and learned that we decided to have our daughter join Prime as well! All of the coaches at Prime absolutely hands down have the best interest of all the kids in mind! They love our kids as if they are their own and we cannot ask for better role models! We have never felt that way with any other soccer program! Because of that love and faith in our kids, they have improved so much! If you are looking for a different approach to teaching soccer, with an emphasis and focus on player development, we highly recommend Prime Soccer Academy!
Lauren & Peter Baba
Prime has had children and the community as a focus since its inception. The club was literally created from a community based need and request for activities that could accommodate any child, at any experience level, looking for quality coaches who were also involved and committed to the community in which they serve. Prime has something for everyone and we love not only the athletic opportunities, but also the family events that they plan and host for all to enjoy.
Holli Winter