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Why Prime Volleyball?

Master Training

This will be what makes Prime different. The first hour of practices will be “master trained” meaning everyone in the gym is working on the same skill (serve receive, digging, arm swing, serving, defensive schemes, etc).  This will be led by Coach Kekic, each team will also have their own head and assistant coaches to help with correction, implementation, and flow. This allows all players in the club to hear the same terminology, concepts, and drills.  An advantage of this is that as your player progresses through the ages at Prime, they won’t have to learn a new set of terms, expectations, etc. from year to year.  All coaches will be using the same vocabulary and basic defensive and offensive systems.  As the team progresses or the older ages, layers will be added to the systems and drills.

“We want to add tools to their belt”, there is no right or wrong way to play volleyball. The goal is to give players as many “tools” to complete a skill at a high level.  We can almost guarantee that your son will be asked to do a skill a different way than he was previously taught and if that new way doesn’t work consistently for him than at least he has knowledge of it and can fall back on it if needed.

Learn all Positions and Skills

  1. Injuries, running out of substitutions, people can’t make a tournament happen all the time. Prime will prepare all players to be able to have some knowledge and skill in all positions.  Especially the skills of passing and serving, these are the two most important contacts in the game of volleyball especially the men’s game.
  2. ** At the younger ages, all players will train all skills throughout the season. You know never know who will have a growth spurt or stop growing.  We do not want to pigeon hole any player.
  3. The older players that are more set in their positions will have opportunities to hone their skill/position during practice as well.